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Monday, October 14, 2013

Stills from the weekend

Last week our little Tayte man thought it would be fun to get into the stage of pulling anything he saw off counters, chairs, desks, beds... you get the point. One of the things that was pulled off the counter was our SLR camera. 
LUCKILY the only the thing that broke was our lens and not the camera body. (ahh!!) I had a photo shoot this weekend and obviously needed a lens so we rented a newer and more intense lens. It was really fun to play around with this weekend.  So Brandon was my handsome model as I learned about the lens. 
We also went hiking with some friends and our goal was to see all the beautiful changing leaves. It turned out that the leaves were still pretty green with a few spurts of yellow and red. Nonetheless, it was peaceful to be hiking in nature and enjoyed the company we were with. 
^^ That's a real man, got all the loot he needs in his back pocket. a sippy.^^
Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking
^^wait... whaat your taking a picture??^^
Hiking Hiking Hiking Hiking
There were some questions as to how I did my hair.
 Its super simple: just two french braids on the sides and combined into one large french braid in the back.
^^Tayte's face. i die ^^ 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Our List:
Place: Malden Fells Reservoir 


GodsGal99 said...

Beautiful scenery as always Shelby! I had a chance to go to Ohio last weekend and the changing colors were breath taking! Not like the brown dirt and cactus here in Arizona! It looks like Tayte has a little red in his hair maybe? Enjoy the cooler weather!

Tonda B said...

I'm glad your camera wasn't totally trashed, I love your photographs.

Jessie said...

I looove fall! What great pictures. You've inspired me to go on a little hike this week with my two mini men.

Linnea said...

Ooh, what lens did you rent? The pictures are beautiful!

Love your hair, too. I cut like 7" off of mine, and am totally regretting it. I miss long hair!!

K&R said...

what a beautiful place!
i hope all went well with the shoot!


MONIQUE said...

Let cool pictures more this coming fall but do not want. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

Marcia Hansen said...

Theres nothing like the fall to appreciate God's creations. So breathtaking. Almost as pretty as Utah mountains. :) Tayte is a doll. He's changing so much. Brandon looks like he is a model.

Sarah Briggs said...

Ahh, note to self: when you go out with Shelby and Brandon never wear sweats! But maybe that is the best part about you guys, you are so comfortable to be around :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Sorry about the camera when I read that I ached inside. Isn't fall just absolutely amazing. Each year I'm always amazed of beautiful it is. Sometimes I wish it lasted for months.