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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gifts for Toddlers

In this gift giving season, I find it hard to find gifts I know my kids will love. And it helps so much to have someone else give me ideas of what their kids have and what they love to play with. So, I thought it might be nice to show you 4 of our favorite toys that we have in our home... Other than the spatula, pots and pans, and mommy's makeup bag. 

If you look really carefully at my pictures you can see that this toy has been shown some love. I would dare say that this is the most used toy in our home. My boys love this toy because its  (1) a car, (2) has animals and (3) you can put the animals in the car. 
All around Excellent toy.

Nothing is better than wooden toys and we love the see and spell toy  and its wooden letters and block. Daxton loves to do puzzles and this counts as a great puzzle, that I can use to help him learn his letters and to eventually spell. 

Toys    Toys
Cars are just great for little boy, but these are also fun because you can build them. Its great for hand eye coordination and for imagination, as the boys love to interchange the pieces. 
ToysToys Toys

(Don't ask me how to say that last word)
We love ride on toys especially in the winter! One advice I got from another mom was to always have ride on toys that are specifically for the house. Meaning they don't go outside. This Early rider is one of our ride ons. But we love this ride on because of how it teaches little babes balance. Its a little unstable like a bike to teach them how to balance but its also safe.  
Early Rider Spherovelo
Toys Toys

Hope this helps to moms who need some gift ideas for their kids!


Nicole said...

I LOVE all these great ideas!!! Boy toys are so much fun. ;)

I hope your Christmas is so amazing!! Also, can you email me your snail mail address?!


Unknown said...

Great ideas

jessanneharrop said...

These toys are so cute! I love wooden toys. Man, I can't wait till I have to buy some toys for my little ones one day :)

Barbara said...

I just saw a balance bike with no pedals for slightly older kids. I love the bright colors and would have this on my list for 3's and up.

On a cheaper note, I used to be on the lookout for unusual items to add to the kids' block collection: packing cones like for the edges of furniture, cylinders like empty toilet paper rolls, old wooden thread spools (also great for portable small area bowling), and bubble wrap. The kids could use the smaller wrap for "carpeting".

The big bubbles are great to stomp on. Popping the bubbles is a wonderful way to develop little fingers for writing.

AngelaS said...

I love how daddy transports his little boys - so cute and a great idea to make something tedious into fun!