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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Macy's Day Parade for Thanksgiving

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (like 6 days ago)! I feel like i'm just getting my head on straight after our little trip we took to New York. A couple of our friends and us decided that since we live so close to New York we would take advantage of it and drive down to see the Macy's Day Parade for Thanksgiving. It was a blast to say the least. I probably wouldn't do it again with a 1 year old, but we are crazy like that and made the most of it in the freezing cold weather. 

The best part of the parade was that I had an awesome husband. no really. He woke up super early, and froze his little toosh off, to reserve a spot and got us right at the front of the gate. It couldn't have been better for Daxton because he was able to see everything in front of him.  

We sublet an apartment right in the heart of Manhattan. We were about a block away from the start of the parade and a train ride away from most attractions. It was a lot of fun being with all the crowds and with our friends. 

We honestly didn't get a lot of pictures but we did get some video. So maybe if I get some time to edit another video I will put it up. 

Anyway, enough chit chat. Hope you guys had a great holiday! 

Macy Day Parade Macy Day Parade Macy Day Parade Macy Day Parade
^^Our friends little boy... loving the parade! ^^
Macy Day Parade
collecting the confetti was a highlight for the little ones. 
Macy Day Parade Macy Day Parade
^^All the crazies who dared the experience together. ^^ 


Rachael said...

I've always wanted to be in New York for the Thanksgiving Day parade- I'm hoping maybe to go next year! Looks like so much fun:)

K&R said...

so awesome! so much fun and i'm sure worth the craziness.

ellen said...

You are all awesome! It was fun hanging out!

Linnea said...

This is definitely on my bucket list - what a great adventure! Looks like so much fun, and I bet it was just magical for the boys.

Sarah Briggs said...

I will cherish this memory with you guys forever!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

such bright and merry photos. I love them and your eyes are so blue. Glad you had such a fun thanksgiving and utilizing the closeness you are to all the states over there.

makana hansen said...

way to be in NY!And how fun that you got to go with a group of friends. Also, the first photo looks like some guy with a huge head... took me a second to figure out it was two separate objects

Nakita said...

How fun! I have always wanted to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Hopefully one day I will! Your family has just gotten more and more darling!