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Monday, January 6, 2014

Over the River and through the woods

 If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that we were traveling a lot before the holidays. We were lucky to have Brandon's Dad who was doing Christmas shows on the east coast, be our ticket for our way home. It also was a great way to spend some quality time with 'Grandpa' and see all the hard work he does. We flew from Boston into Chicago to meet him there and from there we went to Detroit, Minneapolis, Canada, and then to Utah. It was a bit crazy for the boys and their sleeping schedule but that really was a minor set back because we could sleep in and take naps. Other than the sleeping it was a blast flying from city to city and seeing new things I've always wanted to see!

First stop Chicago
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago
^^Chicago pizza, I have mixed feelings about it... but lets just say we were done eating pizza for about year^^
Chicago Chicago Chicago

Next stop was Minneapolis. It was a very interesting to see that a lot of the city was built inside because of the weather. But we got to go to Mall of America and ride the few rides that the boys were allowed to go on. It was kinda spectacular to see! Chicago minnesota  minnesota
minnesotaminnesota minnesota minnesota minnesota


Kavitha said...

Brandon and Shelby, your children are cute as ever! Happy New Year, Brandon, Shelby, Daxton and Tayte!
From, Kavitha

Unknown said...

Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sweet family's story. How absolutely adorable are those two cutie pie boys?!?!

Being Barlow

Jessie said...

What a fun and memorable adventure!

Linnea said...

Tayte is looking so grown up!!

What fun travels! Great experience for all of you. :)

Tonda B said...

Fun pictures. I just love your blog. The boys look so sweet.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing... I love your blog :)Kids look like they really had a good time .

Jessie Ann said...

So fun! we caught the show in Minneapolis too! glad you could see our city!

happy new year!

Unknown said...

Have you made your way back to Boston yet?

Marcia Hansen said...

What a fun experience! I love all the pictures! You capture the moment perfectly.

Christine Anderson said...

Shelby you are a loving and uplifting person. I appreciate you sharing your everyday life and how you are learning and growing along with all of us, this wonderful journey of life.
What a fun Christmas time for you all.
Happy New Year!!!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Awe I love all the photos. You always capture each shot perfectly. So fun you got I see so many fun things along he way home