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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mothering Goals

Boys in Bowties Boys in Bowties  Boys in Bowties Boys in Bowties Boys in Bowties Boys in Bowties
Boys in Bowties
Boys in Bowties
Boys in Bowties
Thank you to Mark it with a Q for the bowties that my boys love to wear to church!

This mothering thing is hard. And the words, ' you are lucky you are cute' come out of my mouth at least 100 times a day. I let little things get to me. And I let the supposedly-cute things become annoying.

But that doesn't mean I don't love being a mother. That doesn't mean I can't keep trying everyday to be a better mom, a better listener and a better playmate.

My goal lately has been to say 'Yes' more to my boys. To sing along with their broken record song, and to get down on their level and play, sympathize and laugh more.

This mothering this is hard- yes, but nothing in this world is worth it, if its not hard.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I still say "You are lucky you are cute" to my grandchildren! It never ends, lol...

Such darling pictures--your boys are adorable.

redlambourne said...

I'm struck by how different and how similar your boys are. That first picture with their gorgeous eyes! I love seeing the brother bond forming so beautifully. You're doing great mama!

ellen said...

I absolutely LOVE that first photo!!

Tonda B said...

Hang in there Shelby, you're doing a fantastic job. I do agree that kids can get on a bodies nerves at times. One little boy drove me crazy. I'm not sure I could take a double dose like you have. They are so precious to look at in your pictures. :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Love those two so much and I am completely serious. I think your such a good mom. I love watching you with your kids you have such a sweet relationship so thanks for your example

Marcia Hansen said...

Wonderful photos of your boys. I love how you can capture the simple moment and their laughter.

Unknown said...

This is so darn cute. And i need some video tips!!! Wow. you're amazing! I absolutely love it. Video, room, and those darling little boys!!!!!!!!

Jessi said...

I love this post! Beautiful pics and such a cool message. Love you and those boys! Mucho!