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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thank you

You guys are wonderful, I really just wanted thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind comments/text/ emails and words that were expressed about our announcement. We are overwhelmed by your kindness, so thank you.

We are thrilled to add another baby to our growing family. Its just a miracle and and honor to allow the Lord to bless us with another one of his spirits. It felt like just yesterday when both my boys were just born. And now they are almost 2 and 4 and to think we get to do this all over again just makes realize how fast it goes. My sister commented to me the other day how Tayte is at her favorite stage, I told her it was one of my favorite stages as well. I then continued on telling her that I'm sad to see it go so quickly. She reminded me that I now have another one coming along, so I will soon get to that stage again. How right she is! How grateful and excited I am to raise another baby, and to go through all the stages again. And realize how every stage is perfect in its own way. I remember my mom telling me that she just loved every stage of a baby/toddler and I never understood why, but now I can completely understand and agree.  But goodness I am looking forward to that newborn stage!


On another note, Spring is practically gone and it makes me so sad. We wait SO long for this season and it doesn't stay nearly as long as I want it to. So its really hard for me to pass a gorgeous, blooming tree and not document it. So here is yet another blossoming tree at the park that we had to take pictures by. Its also so hard for me to not set the timer on the camera and jump in a few with my boys. Plus really its so much fun... we always get good laughs trying to pose for the camera.

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Linnea said...

So cute. I can't believe how grown up Tayte is!!

I also wish Spring lasted longer. :(

Susy said...

You are a darling girl, and I am always brightened by you post. I hardly comment but today I wanted too!

Meghan said...

I have followed your blog for awhile. I missed the big announcement tho...congratulations! How exciting. I have 3 boys & sigh, they are grown & growing up. Your boys are getting so big & so cute.

Julie said...

Great pictures. I always sing the Popcorn song in my head when I see trees in blossom like this:)

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'd give anything to have children of my own. Looking after other people's children is not the same as being a Mum to your own children.

Marcia Hansen said...

What a fun place to take pictures. Great job catching Daxton jumping and getting yourself in the picture at the right time and actually having it look good. You are amazing.

Jessi said...

Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. And that red coat with peach pants,!