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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alt Summit Summer 2014 Re-cap

So I know I'm a few weeks behind but I wanted to do a little recap on Alt Summit. Alt Summit is a design conference for bloggers and small business owners who would like to work with bloggers.

At the conference there was panels, workshops, keynote speakers just full of inspiration for how to make your blog more beautiful and successful.

And just because I didn't know what I was doing I am just going to write some tips that I learn for attending a blog conference at Alt Summit:

1. Dont Stress: I felt like everyone is in the same boat. No one knows who they were going to meet or what they were going to say. Everyone is SUPER nice and it was just so relax.

2. Bring a Big Tote Bag: I'll be honest I am so glad I got a big bag because you get so much stuff and I seemed to be carrying around a lot of stuff around. It was nice to be able to throw it in a bag and worry about it later. I got my bag here.

3. Make sure to bring Business cards!: Seriously, I knew it was important but I didn't realize it was the means of how you networked and get to know people.

So before the conference started Brandon and I brainstormed over ideas we could do to design our business cards. And this is what we came up with:
Blogging Business Card
Tiny Prints printed the cards for me and really I couldn't have been happier. The way they have their website set up to print the cards is genius. They have a designer look over the card to make sure it looks okay and you have to give them the okay before they print it. And when the cards came, the cards were thick and very nice quality and the coloring of the printing was perfect. Brandon is SUPER picky about how the coloring of the print comes up and we were both very pleased.

4. Make sure you have an elevator pitch: One that is more short and concise for bloggers you meet and one more detailed for sponsors.

5. Be Yourself: I was super worried about what to wear because really, it is a blogging conference full of fashionistas. But everyone was so unique in their style that it really wasn't that big of deal. If you are interested to see more fashion from the conference Red Poppy Photo captured a lot of the outfits and did a post about what to wear.

6. Write notes: I was just going to leave it a number 5, but I wanted to add that writing notes on the back of the business cards when they were handed to me helped me SO much. I would write were I met them, or what we talked about, what they were wearing, just to help me jog my memory so I could remember them later.

Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014
Oh Joy! Luncheon was darling with little party hats with a finishing touch.
Alt Summit 2014
There were a lot of photo booths, this darling set was created by Bing. One of the sponsors for Alt
Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014
There were so many great workshops, some where I just couldn't write fast enough because of the inspiration and advice that was being shared.
Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014
The garden Party was lovely and such an elegant setup.
Alt Summit 2014
Pretending we are really good crocket :)
Alt Summit 2014  Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014  Alt Summit 2014 Alt Summit 2014

Overall I came back from Alt with a lot of new insight. I also came back with a lot more friends. And I think the best part was meeting so many creative, inspiring girls who were kind and so humble.

{photos by Justin Hackwork and Brooke Dennis, edited by me.}


Ashley said...

So glad you did a recap, and so glad you were able to go! What a fun and neat experience!

Nicole said...

looks like so so much fun!! i am really happy for you that you were able to attend. xoxo

Linnea said...

That aerial view is awesome!!

EmilyandStephen said...

I love the shoes you are wearing with that mint green, knee length dress! Do you mind sharing where you got them?

Shelby Osmond said...

I got them at American Eagle! Who knew?! They were on sale for like $10

EmilyandStephen said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I love it when you find great stuff in places you don't expect :)