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Friday, October 24, 2014

Tips for Pregnancy

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Since I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and since this is my third time around, I feel like I've finally learned a couple things that have helped me during pregnancy. Because I'm an expert now (insert sarcasm).

But, really I wanted to share a couple tips I learned because sometimes its nice to see what works for others.

Tip 1: Drink 100 oz of water everyday.
Drinking this much water helps with water retention and has somewhat helped with gaining too much weight (even though I still did gain weight, I gained less than my first two pregnancies) during pregnancy. I started off the day with a 32 oz nalgene water bottle and then only had to get 2 more 32 oz bottles in for the rest of the day. [this tip was given to me by my SIL Makana who just had twins and looked awesome!]

Tip 2: Exercise!
I try my very best to exercise everyday or at least do some kind of physical activity. My main goal isn't about weight, in fact exercising has so many other benefits for me. I ran (more like sped walked!) up till about my 7 month. And everyday I exercise I think how thankful I am going to be AFTER I have the baby. With my first two pregnancies I had a really good recovery and I like to think that exercising through out my whole pregnancy had a lot to do with it. Also, when I don't exercise I can tell my sleep is effected and I have a harder time sleeping, especially in my third trimester.

Tip 3: Stretching/ yoga.
I feel that it helps with leg cramps and irritability. Some mornings when I set aside like 10 minutes to do yoga, I feel my irritability that can come from being uncomfortable, nauseated, or just being a mom of two kids wears off and I'm a better mom.  Here are some great pregnancy yoga videos- only 10 minutes.

Tip 4: Enjoy.
I feel like I have really come to enjoy the little kicks, punches, hiccups that happen within my belly. Not that I didn't appreciate them before but now I have realized the love I have for my baby and that he/she is protected inside me. I am the one special person that gets to feel the little miracle that is growing

Tip 5: Love your body.
I have to be honest my first two pregnancies I had such a hard time with my body changing. Every extra pound or bulge I saw it would throw me into a depressed state. However, through this pregnancy I have been able to love my body and the changes that its going through so much more. Thats not to say I don't have days when I see my body change and it completely flattens me leaving me in a rolled up mess. But there are more days than not, where I am grateful for a body that is producing such a miracle. And I'm okay with what my body has to do in order to get a sweet baby here on earth.

Those are just some of the tips that I have really learned over the last few months. What about you? Have you or are you learning things through your own pregnancy?


GodsGal99 said...

Shelby you look GREAT and these are awesome tips!! With my second baby I ended up on bed rest the last 6 weeks and then emergency C-section three weeks early so of course bouncing back was really difficult. So I know first hand how exercising and taking care of your body is great for how you feel afterward! You go girl! Can't wait to celebrate with you in the arrival of your new little one!! AMY

Rachell said...

I loved your comment on yoga. I wake up feeling that exact same way somedays and yoga helps tremendously. And LOVE those yoga videos! She makes feel so happy.

makana hansen said...

I love you! This was so fun to read on so many levels for me.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Gorgeous pregnant mama!! I especially liked the last two! Something I needed. Thanks for your advice.