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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red, Blue, White, Yellow

I know everyone knows children come with different personalities but i'm here to affirm that it is truth! You think you have the parenting thing down and then along comes a second child and you poke yourself in the eye wondering how in the world you are going to parent two complex and different personalities.

Daxton is as sweet, obedient and sensitive as any child that you could find. Tatye is sweet, but he sure has a sass and ready to do everything and anything on his own. He will be obedient but its on his own terms. If I am going to change his diaper, I let him know that i'm waiting and then I know when he's ready to obey he will come over and lay down. However, if I force him into laying down there will be screams, tears and thrashing for another 10 minutes.

I'm not saying one is better than the other, both have great personalities, but they have their pros and cons. It just sure makes motherhood tricky and I don't know if I'll ever figure it out. And I won't even start with bedtime. In fact, as I'm writing this I can hear Daxton lecturing Tayte on how to go to bed and that Mom and Dad has asked us to go to bed. hahahah
But my boys are sweet as can be, and I'm grateful for their different personalities. It teaches me patience and love. It also teaches me a life lesson that everyone needs to be treated different and loved differently, especially in families. Motherhood is tricky but like I said it can translate into learning life lessons, and I try to make sure that I keep that in perspective as I am in the daily grind.
Miniacorn-4 Miniacorn-1
Miniacorn-6 Miniacorn-3 copy Miniacorn-7 Miniacorn-13 Miniacorn-9
These DARLING moccisons are from an online shop called Mini Acorn. When we got these cute shoes in the mail the boys were so excited and would not take them off (especially Tayte.... figures). They are super comfortable for them and they always beg to wear them. Pretty sure I want one in every color for the boys.


Jane said...

love the shoes... I'm gonna check them out for my little granddaughter...course up in Canada those are not the shoes needed at the moment lol..I think I'll post a picture of our Christmas tree this year to you...please post one of yours.I love to see how people decorate their trees...
Jane in brrr..Canada

ckleinca said...

In other words, what you are trying to tell us is that Daxton is the clone of a Brandon personality and Tayte is the clone of the Shelby personality or vice versa.... Daxton I chose Brandon because he looks so much like Brandon when he was little and the same with Tayte favoring you!! Wonder what our little bundle who arrives next week is going to favor.. Have a beautiful delivery and a very precious time getting to know that little sweetheart you have been anticipating the arrival of for the past 9 months!! Congratulations! And don't forget to post pics soon!!! <3

Unknown said...

Great photos

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos

Anna Demko said...

Such cute mocs!

Marcia Hansen said...

Love those cute boys. You captured their personalities perfectly!