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Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Christmas Cards!

Christmas card season is upon us and I'm so excited. Its one of those times to catch up with old and new friends, and keep in touch by just sending a kind greeting. To me, Christmas cards are a simple way to show a friend you care, a way to show off your family and a way let other see how your children have grown. But let's be honest, adding Christmas Cards to your to-do list seems like just enough to tip your already overwhelming bucket over.

Shelby and BrandonBy adding this to the list it can be completely overwhelming: Where do I print them? Where do I get envelopes? What about address stickers? Then add on the stamps and writing on every single card.  I totally get overwhelmed every year, and in fact last year we never made it around to sending out cards. However this year we are and I went through a one-stop-shop! Tiny Prints.

They have saved me so much stress this year, it took no more than an hour to upload my photo, pick out all the details, and order! With your Christmas cards you get envelopes, and have the option of making the cards and the envelopes as fancy or simple as you want. They have gold foil cards,  letterpress cards and other options to choose from and you simply can't go wrong with all of them.

Shelby and BrandonOne thing I have really loved that Tiny Prints offer is that, after you order you have the option of having one of their designers go over the look and color of your card to make sure its what you want. Its nice to know that things aren't going to be oversaturated, too green or too dark, but that is the photographer in me... but I think Brandon is wayyy more picky than I am. But when we got the cards Brandon looked it over with his ever critical eye and gave it a second and exclaimed how he loved them so much and how well the colors turned out!  So it passed the Brandon-Art-Director-Eye. haha!

Shelby and Brandon
Shelby and Brandon

Picking out a photos isn't always the easiest for me, but I really wanted to show a little of the area where we live in Utah. I'm also one that doesn't care too much to have everyone looking at the camera, some people like that some people don't. But thats whats so fun about Christmas cards, its your style and you get to showcase what you care most about. So I hope you found a photo you love and I highly recommend Tiny Prints to anyone searching for a place to print off their Christmas cards, they are wonderful.  

In conclusion, I just want to welcome you into the Christmas card season. 
Hip Hip!

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ellen said...

Your card arrived yesterday and it's one of my faves!!