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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting out in the cold

This winter has been drastically different than last winter. Last year it was so mild and actually pretty warm, that we didn't even use our coats all that much. This year is a different story- its been really cold and snowy which I have love but these past couple weeks, the cold has gotten to me. I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to get out of the house, but then sometimes I feel like we go stir crazy if we don't get out... so its a battle everyday whether we go out or stay inside.

Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Also, I am fully converted to a backpack diaper bag. I love a sling bag, however a backpack bag is out of the way but also such an easy access and it easily becomes my favorite. This darling bag is from Fawn Designs. The leather makes it so easy to clean, sleek and durable.  There are just the right amount of pockets that make organizing all the baby stuff a breeze. I'm just really loving this bag right now.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon


The cold it has forced us to go try different museums and buy passes. Which has been a lifesaver for us. So this past Monday we went to the Church History Museum as a family to switch things up for a night. The kids and I have gone before but it was the first time as a family.

We have loved going to this museum because of the history, the beautiful paintings and art found within the building, but also because of the kids room. Its got great activities and toys for the kids to play with that teach and entertain the little boys. Also, another bonus is that its free!Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon 
Shelby and BrandonShelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
All that concentration on that table. Those boys sure do love building. 
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Here's to getting out more in this freezing cold, and I hope where you are you have a little more warm coming for you. :) 


marcia hansen said...

Love seeing your outings outside in the frigid temp. Your blessed to be by that museum. How fun and inspiring to have those pictures staring at you as you play. Love the cute hat on Benson. You are the best mom ever always keeping busy and teaching your kids.

makana hansen said...

Yes! I agree with you about the backpack diaper bag. They are THE BEST! I just love seeing all the things you do with your cute kiddos.


Setting Goals for Kids is Important Too

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Those backpack diaper bags are the best. I had my shoulders bearing the brunt of my traditional diaper bags and ouch! No more! I've invested in a great backpack bag and I encourage all mothers to do so. Our body frames are NOT designed for weight that we can't adequately carry. The results are more body pains all around, which can be prevented. My fave