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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daxton's First Bike Ride

Daxton had a birthday this last week and all he asked for was a bike, so of course we surprised him the morning of his birthday with a little red bike.

For me, its been so important to document little or big milestones in our children's lives and so we thought it would be a good idea to document Daxtons first ride on his bike.  Its always emotional to have my kids birthdays come around, but as I watched Daxton ride away for the first time on that bike it hit me  like a ton of bricks of how big and old he is. And that I remember dreaming when I was little of being the mom one day and helping my own kids ride a bike. And now it is here and I'm living my dream. Being a mom is so incredible and I couldn't help but tear up watching him ride around for the first times.

Hope you enjoy watching Daxton's first ride.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon

Also, we have absolutely been loving our new bikes from BRILLIANT BIKES. They are beautiful, sturdy and have such a unique, and slick design. Their site is simple along with the shippping, and putting the bikes together (from what Brandon said about putting both bikes together!) Brilliant is kindly offering a discount for our friends! So if you are looking for a bike this summer, use these codes below for a discount off your bikes! Offer expires 7/16

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CNUK said...

You really do make beautiful videos x

ellen said...

Your videos are the best! said...

Your videos really are fantastic!

But so is your little boy. And I remember the sweet feeling of getting my first bike, and I see the same feeling in Daxtons happy face. That feeling of accomplishment, of freedom and a sense of joys that are within reach. Being able to get around by yourself, of adventures around the corner, of sights to see.
Lucky Daxton!

Christine Anderson said...

Learning to ride a bike is a first experience of personal freedom. I remember learning to ride one. And when each of my children took off on their bikes! Go Daxton!!!

Bridget said...

this is SO cute shelby.

Andie Zimmerman said...

Hi! What program do you use for your videos? They are so fantastic! Congrats on the big milestone!!

swissmilly said...

Love this video! It remembers me of, when I got my first bike on my 7th birthday (which is 'only' 51 years ago! :), but I still see me falling in some bushes, ha!) Daxton is such a cute little guy!

Marcia Hansen said...

What an adorable video. You are amazing Shelby with your talents. Love it!!

Florence said...

I just adore your videos. Could you please consider sharing what you use to record, edit etc. I would love to try & make something similar to share with parents in my ECE program.

Thanks so much for considering!


Shelby Osmond said...

Hi Florence!
Thanks for commenting! We are actually in the works for creating some video tutorials to answer all the questions we get from our videos! Hopefully we can get them out soon so it will help you!!


Florence said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait!