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Friday, November 11, 2016

Around Town

I have so many photos sitting on my computer that I would love to upload to the blog but I don't have time. I really don't understand how bloggers with  kids do it! I did however want to post this pictures from our day around town a couple weeks ago. I felt like we were back in Boston, exploring and walking the streets- and taking photos. It brought back a lot of joy and life- however the sad thing is that I can't find the rest of the photos I took! I have these 5 photos upload but the rest are gone and I am kinda bummed about it. But these photos have some things I really don't want to forget so I decided to post them anyway.

Shelby and Brandon
The whole day Daxton had these wire glasses on. It seriously made my heart swoon- he is the cutest kid and was cracking us up. The wire glasses were made by Brandon about a year ago for a costume and Daxton found them that morning and wore them around the town.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Riding the Trax was almost like riding the T in Boston. The boys had fun and loved sitting and looking out the window
Shelby and Brandon This picture could be my all time favorite photo. It shows exactly how parents have to bend over backwards to let their kids do and be apart of life. But how it brings so much joy because sometimes their request and wants are  hilariously complicated- I think Benson pushed the button like 5 times because he just loves pushing buttons.
Shelby and Brandon

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makana hansen said...

Oh I am so glad you at least had these photos. They are great ones for sure. Daxton!! lol!!!