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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Peace a baby brings

Oh Peder, how we love you. You have brought our family so much joy already and have a way of bringing calmness and being the peace maker in our home. I love the way you always put your hand on your face when you sleep, how strong you are already, and how much you love to be held.  The boys can't get enough of you.

Maternity Shoot
There has been an added measure of peace in our home, more of being present, slowing down and enjoy all the simple things. And whats nice is that adding onto that peace of mind can only heighten the amount of joy in the home. Owlet has just added onto the peace of mind while Peder sleeps, it keeps track of his heart rate and his oxygen levels, so I don't have get all nervous about him while i sleep. Peace is something I'm always striving to have more in my life and as a parent its something I have to constantly work at and I'm grateful that this baby monitor has help in some way to bring more peace.
I can't believe Peder's already 3 weeks, but at the same time I can't imagine what we did without him. He fits into our family like he's always been there and I can't even wait to spend more time with this little sweet boy.


ellen said...

He looks so much like Brandon!

Unknown said...

He is so sweet. You look so sad. Hope your having a good day.

GodsGal99 said...

Great video. Blessings on your new little bundle and your growing family! Amy

CNUK said...

Beautiful video as always. You guys have such a lot of talent. And Peder is just gorgeous - just makes me want to go cuddle a newborn. Enjoy this precious time xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Shelby and Brandon! I'm late seeing your birth announcement (my follow list wasn't displaying). What a beautiful baby! He is just adorable. Hope you are are all doing well!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful great to have some reassurance during these early days. Wish this was around when our children were babies.. thank you for letting us know about this product..I will be sure to let my daughter know about it when she starts her family..