Thursday, September 28, 2017


We spent a lot of our summer swimming, and a lot of time around water. It was about all I could do when I was so big and pregnant and hot. Luckily its the boys favorite activity. They did swim lessons at the beginning of the summer and it really helped with their stokes and being more confidant. I love watching them play.

Heber Creeper Heber Creeper Benson stills afraid of swimming without his swimmer which is good. However he will go underneath the water which is a big step for him.
Heber Creeper
Tayte looks like he's always struggling keeping above water but its really the way he swims. He spends most of his time underneath and can hold his breath for absurd amount of time. He looks like one of those little water bugs swimming underneath- crazy legs and all. And Mr. Brave took the high dive all by himself this summer and as he was climbing up the ladder- a bunch of older kids were talking and saying how they couldn't let a little kid show them up (since a lot of them were afraid to jump off) so he started a wave of interest in the high dive that day. As he kept jumping off he attracted more and more kids to come over to try jumping off as well.Heber Creeper
Daxton all of sudden busted out the breast stroke after jumping off a high dive and completely shocked me as he cruised across the water. He really got the strokes down really well.
Heber Creeper

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Wow what great swimmers you have..thanks for sharing your story.