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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Taking time to pause


I love being a mom and we all know it has its up and downs, but I don't think I truly comprehended how hard and how humbling it was going to be. I've been on a journey to become more mindful of how I'm parenting and also being more mindful of how I live my life. And so recently I've been doing a lot of meditation and breathing. Let me explain.
I've now learned that we only use 10% of our brain consciously, only 10%! The other 90% is used for our vitals and such but its also used to store habits and experiences that we've gone through whether they've been positive or negative. I'm sure almost everyone has had something happen to them and their first reaction was to get upset, or sad, or depressed- thats the subconscious coming through because thats how it was learned in the past. So in order to prevent our subconscious determining  how we react to our life situations, being mindful of those feelings immediately, analyzing and watching those emotions, why you feel the way you feel is the first step to changing unwanted feelings that are stored in the subconscious.Wedding
There is one vital thing to being keep us alive that can be controlled in the subconscious and the conscious mind and that is breathing. Being able to slow down our breathing, and take deep breaths has all sorts of positive affects on our body and our minds. Breathing consciously for 3 minutes a day can rewire habits, beliefs and many other things and I think its due largely to fact that  we are consciously changing it.  So in my room before I get going for the day I've been breathing, meditating, pondering on any scriptures I may have read and allowing myself to think for myself instead of outside influences determine my feelings and thoughts.

Anyway, there is loads I'm learning and I'm not perfect at it but without dumping it all here and going super deep these are just some thoughts I've really been working on lately that I've been wanting to share.

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Christine Anderson said...

Well shared Shelby. You have an insight to care for yourself, so you are able to care and nurture for your husband and children! Even as a grandmother it is never to late to learn how to calm myself and become my true, calmer self! We are never to old to learn and change! I have been listening to "The Power of NOW"! His voice is calming and engaging.I feel blessed you share so much uplifting messages! Your an angel!��

Halo BW said...

You're a great mom!

ROMY said...

Hello! Are you still updating this blog? I'm from and I just want to collaborate with you. Please kindly let me know.