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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

In the last neighborhood we lived in, we had fantastic neighbors. One neighborhood gal in particular made a strong impression on me from the very beginning of our time there. Her name is Diane Vandyke, and her intention was to merely be friends with me and to find ways to serve me.

What I loved about Diane is that she was older than me, (she actually had children my age) but that gap didn’t matter and she treated me with just as much respect as her original friends, age smage was her thinking. She sincerely cared about the life I lead and made me feel significant. During our time there we organized a youth play called, ‘Joseph and His Coat’. Diane worked with us and truly respected our opinions and even though we made mistakes and lacked in certain areas, she was there to fill in for our shortcomings.

I was grateful for her sincere example and even though we were at different points in our lives we were able to be friends. She taught me age doesn’t matter- she never treated me as a superior or made me feel inexperience  because she lived a longer life, but she treated me as a friend. Thus teaching me  that we can be friends to anyone no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

By the way, I am wanting these thursdays to be more of a collaborative effort, so please if you have any stories or women you would like to highlight email them to me at

And you will, of course get the proper credit. Alrighty? So don't hold back i know there are many stories out there that would do wonders for the people that read them... i see your brain wheels spinning- write them down and send 'em my way!


Mary said...

Love this story of this woman! What a great example to you, to show you that as you get older, you too can be friends with a 20 something yr old woman :)

-Danica- said...

I love that you are doing this!! So awesome and SO needed. We all need a reminder of true beauty and what really matters in life - so thank you!!

GrannyAnn said...

Shelby you are the one who is so amazing. You blessed all of our lives and we miss the fun, joy and love you shared with everyone. We are forever blessed and changed because we know and love you. God bless you. Love DVD

marcia said...

A rare quality. Great to learn more about her. Wish you could do that play again. It was so amazing.

Daughter of God said...

I love to hear people praise my mom because I think she is wonderful too. :] Thank you for your words, you're so sweet! And what a great idea!
love ya
amy young