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Monday, May 23, 2011

We are Gardners

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow. 
We planted our seedlings, and talked loving words to our plants... what??  little plants will grow bigger with encouragement. Its true Myth busters proved it.
Meanwhile, Daxton taste tested out the dirt for the plants- gross? No dears, it means we are good parents. Our parent magazine proves it.
And after we  finished, we rewarded ourselves with some company and the most favorite salad in utah county only from Cafe Rio of course They've got the award to prove it. Along with my tummy. 


Tonda B said...

There is nothing better than home grown veggies fresh from the garden. Good luck with it.

marcia said...

looking good. Now if it would just stop raining. Right?

ALY said...

i grow veg in tubs in my garden,so im not losing any space, for my flowers.

im growing in tubs

french beans

peppers [mixed]





then are trees we have

eating apples

cooking apples

red currents

black currents



dont know about you,but i love this time of year when you can see them all coming to life.