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Monday, August 8, 2011

3 years later

it was a success!~
{Halleluja chorus cue}

Like i said before, our day of marriage or our anniversaries were a little lacking before- but this one was different. 
We woke up late{thanks to the little one and him graciously offering that option.}and my mister secretly had a new camera awaiting for me. {my older one just recently broke- so it was a happy start!}
 then went on a hike up to the beautiful mountains to go rock climbing.
 Husband taught me to belay; and after a few run ins with the mountain, i got the clue to stand next to the mountain and allow to be my friend. And after I belayed Brandon down from the climb, he found a message in a bottle- wonder who it was from :)
We then were able to remember our special date by going to the LDS temple and remembering the importance of our marriage and have that special time together. 
Then with blind fold in hand, my mister drove me on a windy road, {caution: this can bring on motion sickness} he hiked me up a dirt path and took off the blind fold to reveal the spot where he had purposed, and him on bended knee. 
We then ate at a special place and climbed the hills to see the play that I hold so dear to my heart
"The Sound of Music".
 {i have 3 all time favorite movies and this is one of them so you can imagine my excitement.}
The rest of the night is history but it was truly a great day and full of symbolism, laughter, and love. 


Anonymous said...

You two are such a lovely couple. Its so sweet to see two people so in love with each other

Belated happy anniversary


Vivian said...

What a memorable day and celebration. Congratulations!

Linnea said...

How fun! Jeff and I want to go up to see Sound of Music, was it wonderful?

craftymum said...

Sounds and looks like you both had a wonderful day
hugs sarah x

Jenny Alama said...

For some reason today I thought of you two and remembered when you were dating. I always said if you didn't end up together the world would end. I still believe that and am glad you did because no one is as cute as you guys. And I like that the world hasn't ended yet too. Happy anniversary!!!

makana hansen said...

Yeah for love and anniversaries! And what an incredible date as well. Glad you learned to belay... we should go rock climbing sometime together then. Although I have no idea where my harness went to. And YUMMY dessert! Oh my stars

marcia said...

Brandon I am so impressed with all you did for your special day. Wow. Everything sounded just perfect. And I'm so jealous. The sound of Music is my favorite too.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Oooh love love is in the air. what a tremendous date idea, especially doing things Shelby loves! I'm jealous you got to go to that play too.

Tonda B said...

So very sweet. Congratulations to you both. The mountain photos are beautiful.

Cherie said...

Aww that is truly wonderful well done both of you, but especially Brandon. (can you explain the sound of music bit, is it music played at the restaurant?)

Cherie said...

Aww that is truly wonderful well done both of you, but especially Brandon. (can you explain the sound of music bit, is it music played at the restaurant?)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a wonderful date experience. I love to spend time out withmy husband. It's even better when the husband plans the activities. Beautiful pictures by the way.

Mysteryartist said...

Congratulations, you both inspire me so much! Thank you! :)

Christine said...

Hey Shelby, we went and saw the Sound of Music too. It was fun!