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Monday, August 29, 2011

Park City

Just got back from P.C. and it was a heap of fun. We did everything from the zip line, alpine slide, hiking, shopping, eating, boating, to surfing. Our family doesn't always have the best of luck with the weather but this time around we had luck on our side and it couldn't have been better. 
Thanks fam and mostly importantly mom and dad for such a great time!!

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McKay said...

First! I get sad looking at those pics because it makes me miss everyone.

makana hansen said...

love the first photo! I sorta wanted to take those little balls of light home to TX with me. :(
We did have a great time didn't we? :)

Tonda B said...

I love those water surfing photos, you both look so cool! I'm curious about the steel frame that Brandon & Daxton are beside in the third picture. What is that?

marcia said...

Great Pictures and a fun trip in a beautiful city!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Awe I miss everyone.. That really was such a fun trip. It went by way too fast and I wish we could still be up there.