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Thursday, November 10, 2011


This little one has an adventurous spirit about him (Hmm. wonder where he got that from?), he put his hands inside the pony cage without even flinching- he finds the chickens and decides to feed them. He sees a bunny and wants to feed it- he just loves to be outside.(which was his first world I'll have you know) he's teaching me to keep my attention skills high. But I love it and his adventures.
ps. this place was amazing, it was a backyard of a friend- daxton just couldn't get enough of the place.


Stacy said...

Love the pictures and i love it when the babies get so adventurous it makes life fun!

makana hansen said...

I want to see their backyard too! What a brave and handsome little boy you got

marcia said...

looks like a fun yard with ponies and chickens. Cool! And there he is with his fruit again.

Marcia Hansen said...

Mom said I should comment more. So congratulations you are the first I have commented on. Daxton is so cute, and he loves animals just like me.