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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

baby + ruche lookbook

 So the baby sister just had her baby (remember her beautiful pregnant pictures- ya her) she just had a beautiful baby boy and he is the most precious thing. Its funny how in love you can be with your niece/nephews and he is no exception. I am so happy for Cass and your little family.
 Congrats sis, your family is beautiful. 

The girls and their boys

The boys...

And to go along with all the excitement, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this 
The ruche lookbook feature two of my tutorials! 
This one and this.

And to add to unbelievement I found these on The Daybook
Can you say i'm busting my buttons!! 


Ashley said...

you two are twins!!! so cute!!!

Nicole said...

rock on you beautiful girl, you!

cheers on being awesome!!


Bekah said...

my sister and I have children close in age, and yeah, its wonderful!! Congrats to your sister on her beautiful little boy!!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Thanks Shelbs we sure love you guys too! Can't wait till Daxton and Calvin can really play together. :) And way to go on your Beautiful Projects. Man look at all these great accomplishments. You are Inspiring Woman my dear sister

Donaville said...

you did a fabulous job with the tutorials!

congrats to your sister :)

marcia said...

That's pretty exciting to be featured on those blogs. You are miss talented that's for sure. The best teacher and then this. Amazing!

Kassie said...

I found your blog through Ruche...Congrats on being featured! You have a very fun blog! :)