Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful list

Thank you to all those that sent in their thankful list. 
thought i'd share one today so  enjoy!... 

Things I'm terrible thankful for... 
by Nicole:

1.Peace from Jesus when life is upside down.
2. Almost 6 months of being married to my best friend.... he rocks my world.
3. Chocolate Chip Peppermint milkshakes. They are Christmas Magic in a cup
4. Our brand spankity new {old} clawfoot tub
6. Red ribbons, pinecones and green garland to decorate the house.
7. Our warm, 120 year old house that is full of potential and memories.
8. Sissies and bros... all six of them.
9. The wonderful way that the bills get paid every month... even when we think they might not.
10. Massive cuddles with Hubs all.night.long.

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tracy said...

Love that thankful list thank Nicole. Super cute. And yes I love that song too.