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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Highlights

We had a great Christmas FULL of surprises and fun.
We first started off Christmas Eve night by becoming reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh as we 
went to surprise Dad Osmond at the airport. He had a month long tour and couldn't wait to get home.
So what better way to surprise him than picking him up in Santa's sleigh.
He was surprised and so happy. 

Then as the night went on we had more surprises as Mom Osmond opened a ginormous box, with a 
missionary inside- aka Chris Osmond (Brandon's little brother). 
Who the family thought was 10 days home earlier than planned.
But Dad Osmond and the mission president had Chris's real date to come home a secret. 
They secretly planned Chris's way home to surprise the family for Christmas.

There was a lot of screaming and crying, it was a great Christmas with the entire family there.

Santa and his Sleigh
Lined up ready to pull the sleigh.

Also, every year for Christmas Eve we get PJ's but this year the PJ's were a little different.
We were in teams this year with onsies. 
We were the monkey team.
 We all died laughing as we each opened our PJ's.

And daxton was given the surprise of his life, finding his little car and his favorite character Elmo, underneath the tree.  


carolyne b said...

Oh Shelby I love it. I'll bet laughter and tears were filling the room when Chris was the gift for Debbie. How exciting to come home earlier then expected. I have friends who's children are currently in the mission field and they were thrilled to be able to receive phone calls home this Christmas. I am sure that is what Debbie was expecting.
You all sure look cute in your new pjs. We to give that as a Christmas eve gift. I love nothing more then new jam jams for Christmas.

... said...

Oh how fun! Your family looks like a blast! Love your family pajamas!! :) Too cute!

Dawn Staton said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday! Boy, those little ones are getting so big and they are so cute! (the big kids aren't so bad either)!!!!! Happy New Year to you and I hope it's a year filled with hopes and dreams coming true!

Robin L Greenslade said...

Oh!!!!! I have to admit: I got a lil teary eyed that you took the time to pick up your father in law in such a glorious way AND that your brother in law was able to surprise your mother in law with his homecoming! How wonderful!!! THOSE are true Christmas joys!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a super Christmas Eve you all had. Thanks for sharing. :) Marla

Tonda B said...

You guys sure know how to plan great surprises. I bet it was a wonderful Christmas.

Espectaculos al Dia said...

What a great Christmas present for Debbie. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Happy New Year to all of you!!

makana hansen said...

Man oh man... getting to be reindeer, getting your very own matching onesies.... what a fun Christmas! I bet Daxton won't want to get out of that car.
I loved that Chris surprised everyone. What sneaky little hobbits... er, elves :)

Anonymous said...

Such fun pictures, and how great you could all be together! Thanks for posting!

Brandon Osmond said...

Great post sweetie! That really was the greatest Christmas with big surprise of a lifetime! Love ya

Connie Fajman said...

Oh, what an awesome surprise, that Chris came home! This brought tears of joy to my eyes! Love the monkey onesies! they are adorable!! Sounds like all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing everyone in your family a Happy, and Blessful New Year!!

Connie F

Ralph & Debbie said...

Wow, as a mom with two return missionary sons and another going next year, i can well imgine the joy debbie had. What a wonderful surpirse.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the photos! Can we see what the other jammies of your in-laws got? :)

Lorraineand Willem said...

Shelby please tell Chrisopher everyone misses him and love the pictures we all keep the secret and are glad that it worked out with lots of surprises for all...lOl You all look great...God Bless. Everyone say hi and said to add we have been waiting to hear the surprise worked out...Lots of puppy love and hugs from Holland xo

Mary said...

Shelby, I love all your posts! What a fun one this one was :) I love your p.j.'s!!! Reading all you posts over the past couple of years I can see that you and Brandon have a lot to be grateful for. You can feel the love you have for one another come out in your posts! You are one lucky pair. Happy New Year, looking forward to many more posts to come and as the time comes closer I will give you my blog so you can see our adventures in traveling around the States for the next few years! Who knows maybe we will see you somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Shelby, Brandon and are really beautiful people, thank you for sharing all your pics.. I love your Blog... I have trouble getting my pic up it goes as Anonymous ...I am Jane from Canada ..TC

Barbara said...

Shelby, the dinner with Elder Jones and Elder Seager was so much fun tonight. I was able to let them know how much I appreciate the work they are doing. They are such fine young men. And my beloved Elder Westfall sent his wishes since he got transferred this morning and couldn't make the dinner.

Reading about the glorious return of Chris and how amazing that must have been for Debbie, I felt extra happy that I had spent some great time with the dear sons of two other moms (and dads) still waiting for their sons to come home.

I love our church and all the amazing people I've met. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And the onesies are TOO cute!

Love ya and here's to more fun and surprises in 2012!

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas! LOVE those pjs! :) And Daxton is super cute in that little car of his!