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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Texas Thanksgiving part 2

Here are few more pictures from our trip from Texas: below you will find
1. The little boy and Brandon who bonded  on this trip {it was so dang cute}
2. Swimming fun.
3. Daxton just loving his cousin Jaedyn. 
4. Daxton dancing at the airport helping time go by.
5. The flight museum, I don't think i've ever seen Daxton go so bonkers with planes.
6. Daxton getting ready for take off.
7. And while waiting for our plane we drove around and found the most gorgeous area, lake and all.

I save this picture for last. 
One of the main reasons for us going out to Texas was one we are so grateful for. We went to Texas to see the beautiful Barbara get baptized into the The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint

We met Barbara, instrumentally through the Lord's hands as she came to Utah to have her pictures taken by Brandon. We kept in contact with her for about 2 years, and during that time we became great friends over email. We learned about each other and out of this new found friendship, grew trust. As we emailed her interest grew in the LDS church, so with guidance I sent Barbara a Book of Mormon and after her consenting to have the LDS missionaries over she was more than ready to be baptized. 
We couldn't have been more pleased.

As soon as she told us her decision we had decided we would be there with her on that special day. And let me tell you, it was more than special it was extraordinary, and unforgettable. 
For the short amount of time that I've known Barbara, she has influenced me greatly. She is so service oriented and so ready to follow her Lord. 
We are grateful for Barbara, for her courage, friendship, and love. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And that is wonderful news about Barbara. I'm a convert to the LDS church as well--in fact, it was because of the Osmonds, and especially your in-laws Donny and Debbie, that I became interested in the Church all those years ago. I watched them on TV, read magazine articles, etc., and just saw something in them that was different and had to find out more of what they believed. I did all the research and investigating on my own, and it's a long story but I was baptised over 30 years ago, when my first son was just a baby! (He is now a father himself!) To this day I thank the Osmonds, particularly Donny and Debbie, for their fine example.

carolyne b said...

I agree with Cindybin. Missionary work is awesome, and sometime there are those who don't have the opportunity to serve the Lord in this capicity but serve in other ways. Your FIL by just being who he is influenced many. I too am like many and learned about the Gospel through the music of the Osmond brothers. I have been a member for 34 years. And have served in many area. I do not take my membership in the Gospel lightly, it truly is my salvation.

Unknown said...

your family is to cute and this is seriously such an awesome example of missionary work. i love it.

marcia said...

I loved the pictures. You guys take the best pictures. Your trip looked like a blast and especially touching to see the last picture. I think you meant The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints not Latter-day-Saint church. Big difference but easy to do.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

love the new look on the blog. Such a gorgeous family you are. What a neat opportunity you guys had to participate in. So happy for Barbara and her decision to become a member.

makana hansen said...

The new blog rocks! And we LOVED having you out. We sure miss you three. :(
We are so excited for Barbara. From what you told me about her she is just beyond lovely.

Barbara said...

I am so grateful to have this photo and all the memories it brings with it. Daxton is the sweetest little guy in the whole world and I am still hearing him say "kitty" and "woof" every time I am with my pets. And of course, it was such a privilege to welcome his amazing parents into our home!

I have had lots of opportunity in church to share the powerful testimony of lives lived in joy and service. As we became better friends, I saw as Cindy did in the above comments, that there was something different about you. I learned what that was and it was exactly what I had been searching for over the past decades! I hope that my light will shine as brightly in His name as yours does. Love to all three of you.

Anonymous said...

Shelby thank you so very much for sharing your special stories and your family with us...I love your blog... With Christmas coming, is there any traditions you have continued from when you or your hubby were kids ? Keep up the excellent Blog :) Jane

JDizzle said...

Congratulations Barbara! That is so exciting, baptismal days are the best days of the year. You sound like such a great woman and example.