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Friday, February 10, 2012

25 in review

I really need to get use to this getting older fact- Because its kinda an annual thing and I squirmish every time I think about getting older.
(I know, i know I'm not that old. but still)
Last year, I created an overview of my 24th year and it really made me feel better about this getting older stuff. So i'm going to continue on with that one year tradition and do again for this birthday...

To first start off we'll start with the cutest one of our family. And his obsession over fruit.

I tried to filled the year with figuring out new crafts for my home, From painting a hutch, making old fashioned paper, making a book wreath, rusting metal, etc...

Then in the month of March, we allowed the teenagers inside us come out as we dressed in our best to make it to "Prom night"

One of the highlights of the year; in the beautiful month of April, we were remarkably lucky to travel to Amsterdam,

Next, I stole my husband sweater and asked him if he noticed anything different when I showed him the final project..

In march, i unforeseeably became a High School ASL teacher.

Then with the true beauty of women in mind, I proceeded to create a series of "Because She Does"

In June, my little sweetheart- turned one (way to fast) and we had an Explorer Birthday party for him and his little friends.

We took Family Pictures both here and here.

Summertime brought Family reunions, both here and here

And in the exciting month of August, I was truly honored to be apart of a Bloggers Day Out.

With my lil' sis we took Maternity pictures and enjoyed the always longed for sister bonding time.

October we got to get dirty(well at least the boys) as we dressed up as  Mary Poppins, Burt and Michael Bank

During Thanksgiving, we flew to Texas to hang out with family and to be apart of a very special day.

In December we enjoyed Christmas with family and we were given the surprise of a life time.

Then to close the year we soon learned of a blessing and announced our news with a touching video my sweetheart husband created.


McKay said...

Happy Birthday Shelby! I hope it's a wonderful day! You had quite the year

marcia said...

Happy Birthday Shelbs! Sure loved reminiscing with you through the year in pictures. I'm the luckiest mom to have such a talented,beautiful,and
funloving daughter.You are amazing in everything you do. I can't wait to see all you accomplish this year. I sure love you!

Robin L Greenslade said...

Happy Birthday Shelby! I am honored to enjoy your talent and the way you share happiness and joy with others.

I hope your day is fantabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Shelby and belated congrats on your new baby news. You have packed so much into the last year and it has been lovely to share this with you on your blog. Daxton looks so little on some of these pictures but boy is he growing into a handsome little man. He has eyes to die for!!!

Hope you enjoy your day

Caroline (UK)

makana hansen said...

woozers! You had a really big year. I didn't realize how much you did! We have the same photo of us in front of Edinburgh Castle too! I loved looking at all the beautiful things you three have done and now three will be four! YIPEE!
ps- wish you could come here and take pictures of me :( LOVE the ones of Cass. LIike I always say, you got mad skills my friend

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!!! If you think 25 is bad. I turn 50 in 9 days, I remember feeling like you about getting older, but it's going to happen no matter what. You have done great things this past year, as you will with this year also! Make it a great CeLeBrAtIoN :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!! Seriously loved the theme of your little guy's birthday! Such a great idea and amazing decorations!

Tonda B said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shelby. I hope you had a beautiful day.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Looks like 24 gave you some pretty good memories! Now 25 will bring on even more. Loved how you recap about what you did throughout the year, it helps recognize that we really do a lot even if doesn't feel like it. Love you shelbs and so glad you are my sista, always been such a good example and one of my bestest Friends

Shumway Adventures said...

Oh, Shelby I love everything about this post! You have done SOOOO much! I love it! I didn't really know you were teaching. That is so cool you are teaching ASL too! What high school do you teach for?

Barbara said...

I love your celebration of the year - so many wonderful memories of a life well lived. You are such an inspiration and I love you to pieces. I am eternally grateful to you and Brandon for coming out to Texas for my baptism. It was one of the best days of my life and I am so honored to have had you to share it with! Love you bunches - let the new memories begin!