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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Count down till Valentines Day

So there is 5 days left till Valentines Day, and I thought about doing something fun/loved filled each day-till the day of... 
(this idea was inspired by my mister who had a 5 day count down to my birthday-which is tomorrow :)).
So with these five days left- I thought about sharing some favorite pictures of when we were first newly weds and a lil'-bit of marriage advice. Even though I do not proclaim to be a connoisseur of marriage or relationships.
So here we go.

Day #1
Whether you are married or not, relationships take effort. 
And within a marriage- there might be extra effort and care put forth to keep a strong relationship.

I remember our first year of marriage... oih... lets just say i wasn't exactly a perfect spouse.
I had many faults and through it all Brandon was patient and understanding. 
He had to put forth effort to; understand, be patient and to communicate

Communication takes a lot of effort. Did you know that? 
yep. I had to figure that out.
In fact, Brandon and I were talking last night and  saying how our communication
 and the effort we put into understanding each other has double since our first year of marriage.

 We came from completely different backgrounds and to meet in the middle ground we had to learn to give and take.
I'm so grateful for his background-  I've learned a lot about myself and have become better myself as I've learned to change my differences and learn from him.

It effort to love and want to change for a person-out of  true love.
So we keep putting forth effort to strengthen our relationship.
And its so worth it. 

These were some of my favorite engagement shots...



Mariana said...

Lovely post.

Yes, I knew the thing about communication... I had to figure that out, too!! We all have to figure that out. I think.

These photos are really beautiful!!

HAPPY tomorrow's BIRTHDAY!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shelby !!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day ... The photos are gorgeous... I still would love to see you in your wedding dress.. Love the Blog... Loved your Hair Vlog.....
I love when you have your sisters and Mom in pics... your Mom looks amazing... as does your whole family.
Jane in Canada :)

marcia said...

What a great idea to do things each day before Valentines. I love your advice for a happy married couple. You are wise beyond your years.

Christina May said...

I love this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)