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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cruisin part 2

When I look back at these photos, its hard not to have my heart ache for such a place again. 
Its always nice to come off a vacation but at the same time it was so dreamy to be in warm sun, surrounded by beautiful scenery, with your dreamy husband, and with loved family and friends. 
But i must move on and enjoy the memories we made :)
We had two locations we touch land at. 
First: Nassau 
This was my favorite, we had the true life of the Bahaman people mixed with Beautiful touristy locations.

Here you will see the contrast between the Bahaman culture vs. the tourist culture.
Both equally beautiful in their own way. 

Nassau was probably my favorite because one of my girlish childhood dreams came true... 
I can remember glowing green as a child watching the trainers swim with dolphins, and those few lucky guest who got to be apart of it. 
Well, here in Nassau we fulfilled that dream of swimming with dolphins.
[Good thing I had my 14-year-old BIL who would squeal with delight with me, as we thought of swimming with these dolphins. yep still proof i am a 12 year old at heart]

Not only did we swim with them, but we kissed, hugged and these sweet dolphins pushed the bottom of our feet-jetting us across the pool.
Lovely pics provided by Jessi

Sunshade hats

Next up : Cococay
This was a private island very beautiful but equally as hot. 
For some reason on this last day of sun, my skin decided this was its last chance to be fried. 
And so I was.
Maybe it was because the island was closer to the sun/equator. Or maybe because I sat in the shade most of the time... OR maybe it was because of my extra sensitive skin due to my pregnancy hormones that created such a reaction. Whichever the case, I was fried- particularly my legs and feet. 

Thank goodness for a good husband who told me to lie down, not move, and kept replacing the wet towels that were placed all down my legs and feet. 


Last of all was our time on the boat. I'll spare you all the grueling details, but all I have to say is the entertainment was GREAT! :)
Here is the set up for the Donny & Marie Concerts. 
They did a fabulous job- as always.

Can you guess what this is?

These boys just had me in tears the whole time. 
I already miss the times we spent wandering the boat, laughing and eating together.

Model shots: oh ya baby!

Bahama's... till we meet again. 


McCally said...

WOW! Looks like you guys had a BLAST there! I just can't get over how good you look Shelby! Geez, one hot mama if you ask me! I'm glad you got to go on a vacation with just the two of you before your next little guy comes along. Smart move, because you might have your hands full with two little fella's. I hope your burn is feeling better. There's nothing like a bad sunburn to make you appreciate...not having one?? :) Sorry couldn't think of anything cool to say. Ok, love the model shots of everyone by the way! :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe you got to swim with dolphins.. i too have always dreamed of doing that since I was little. (we must be sistas) You look stunning and i love the green shirt with the dress, I would have never thought of that. Love the hats, swimsuits the awesome shadow picture. Looks like you really had a good time. Sure is one beautiful family

Unknown said...

I love the pics of you with the dolphins. That has always been a dream of mine that I hope to someday accomplis. I also loved the hats. Hats are so fun. I love to wear one just lounging around the house. :) Stop and give me a visit when you can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures with everyone. Everyone looks like they were having fun. Love the dolphin pictures. You take really good pictures. Keep up the good work.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Looks SO fun Shelby (but really, how could it NOT be with you and Brandon)! I'm totally coveting your yellow swimming suit (and every other outfit, as per usual). Where's it from?? Love you!

Shelby Osmond said...

Thank you for those way too nice comments! Elizabeth I got the swimsuit online it's An Athena swimsuit. I finally broke down and bought a nice one.

Anonymous said...

love the pics I been to the bahams 3 times and loved to and the cruise 3 times also love them.Glad you all had fun thank you for the pics.Did marie have her family their also that would be fun for you osmonds.

Mary said...

I love cruises! And The Bahamas are great. We swam with the dolphins as well and I couldn't stop smiling all day, it was the greatest :)

marcia said...

Yea, I'm excited that you finally got to swim with the dolphins. The pictures really helped to visulize the trip.I can't believe how beautiful and fun it looks. Can't guess what the picture is. You are such a good-looking couple.

Anonymous said...

Shelby and Brandon, it was a great cruise and I'm glad I finally got to meet you and the family! You are so sweet and very humble too! Thanks for sharing your pics too! Not all of mine turned out as well!
AMY in Phx.

Jayne Canlin said...

Hi Shelby & Brandon,
I love reading your blogs, You have a wonderful family? I too was on the cruise and felt blessed that you were all there and I could be a very small part of that side of Donnys life? Im so glad you got to see and do so many wonderful things? your photos are gorgeous!!!!! so much better than mine lol!!! I was the lady who congratulated you as you walked around the ship one evening then remembered to also congratulate Brandon too ha ha!!! your reply was that you are carrying it? You are such a sweet couple, hope everything goes well with baby number 2 love jayne in the U.K

Lillie said...

I was on the cruise also and love your dolphin pictures...we swam with the dolphins also...must have just missed you guys! Such a great time! It was awesome getting to meet you! Hopefully you guys will be able to make the cruise next year also!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I'll Bite.... WHAT IS THAT A PICTURE OF ???
Jane in Canada

Shelby Osmond said...

haha its a picture of the lifeboats and their reflection in the water! :)