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Monday, March 12, 2012

Over the weekend

The weather over the weekend was unbeatable. 
Especially when transitioning from a warm place..
Here are a few highlights from our weekend..

Pictures from Instagram 

 1./2. Taking a stroll just loving the warm sun/
3. Eating at the Purple Turtle. The food was incredible and not only was it good, Daxton kept repeating "tutl tutl" like he was enjoying every bite and was thanking the 'tutl' for the good food. ha
4. My little man loves to find my makeup. This time he found my bright pink lipstick. He's a pretty good makeup artist. Any takers??// Daddy and his boy going for a ride on the longboard.
5. Grabbing a hot dog to share on a saturday night at Costco.// my happy little man in the car.
6. Enjoying a Sunday evening with family and 123 chocolate cake- pretty sure this is the best cake ever. And no i'm not eating it right now.


Devon said...

Shelby, I can't believe how big Daxton is getting! You look beautiful and happy... man, oh man, do I miss you!

ckleinca said...

Ha - I learned how to zoom this picture scenario and it is funny how your Dad smaller looked like Don Jr until zoomed and Daxton - he just isn't staying little anymore - he's past that toddler stage to the little boy stage! Oh Well, since he is soon a big brother I guess he has to play the part to look like one! Sure looked like a fun weekend all the way around!! How Awesome to be a part of such a wonderful family and for you to include us in all these memories! Thanks!

THE COOKS said...

Love these pictures! Your family is so stinkin' cute!! :)

bird and tree said...

you guys are so stinkin adorable!!!! Love these pics...and cake sounds really good right about now!!!

Anonymous said...

great pics,daxton getting so big xx

Unknown said...

what adorable pictures! You guys are so stinkin cute! Your little boy is adorable. I'm so enjoying reading your blog. :)

Kelsi said...

Well aren't those pictures just adorable. Also I didn't realize that was a picture of me for a brief moment haha. But sure looks like you guys had fun.