Thursday, April 26, 2012


Daxton's found his new musical instrument of choice. 
The trambonarmonic.
Betcha you've never heard of it before. 
He loves it and will play and dance to his music all day.
Anyway, Enjoy this little snippet of his musical talent. 


ckleinca said...

Oh Daxton you are so preciously adorable and always bring the biggest smiles about - so cool seeing this video - thanks for sharing Shelby - you have a musician in the making!!! How fun for him to be able to have this excitement - at his age I didn't even know what a harmonica was let alone how to make it create noise!! and 52 years later I still can't!! Love you all!

Tonda B said...

What an angel he is! He's a natural at the harmonica, I think there is going to be another musical Osmond in the future!

marcia said...

Good job Dax. Love how he got into it with his arm.

Kelsi said...

Haha that sure was cute. What a little stud he is.