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Monday, April 30, 2012


 We spent some time over at UVU this weekend. Celebrating two sisters who graduated.
However, as you can see from our cake that not only was there 2 that graduated this semester but 7 from our big family. Hooray for finishing school!

As I have gone to these graduations, I've realized how grateful I am that I have my education, and that I was able to finish school. 
There is a lot of power and confidence that is acquired when one is educated. 

During this last graduation, the Dean of the School shared a vital fact:
 Statistics show that 42% of students who graduate college never pick up another book. 
Isn't that shocking. 
What a waste education can be if we don't continue to learn and continue to grow. 
Even if school wasn't finished, books can teach and educate just as well as school. 
However, after i heard that statistic  i wrote down a couple more books that I'd like to add to my reading list... Which book are you going to add? (wink)


Anna said...

Dancing with Max by Chuck Colson

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I was pretty shocked at that statistic as well.. such a sad thing to hear. thanks for coming and supporting us and it was fun celebrating. you should send me your list of books. I'm always looking for a new one to read.

emily said...

Shelby, your photos are so pretty and happy! I've been dying to ask you where your glasses are from? They're fabulous.

As for books, I love all food-related books (In Defense of Food, Food Rules, etc). And in fiction, I loved "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" and "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"

Kelsi said...

What fun pictures! I for one was so excited to graduate so that I could get back to my reading days. I need to compile a list of all the books I've been wanting to read for the past four years but haven't.

Mrs. Sproul said...

I've been reflecting lately on the fact that I haven't read any REAL literature on history for over 2 years, since I graduated! Probably because I prefer my juvenile fiction...=) The stories are so uplifting and cute! And not nearly as dry as biographies...I'm hoping to change that statistic in my life! Take care! We love you guys!

Sherry of IN said...

Hey, just an FYI - my mom who is 87 years old still reads to this day. Just finished scanning her list (notebook) of ALL the books she has read since 1964. She loves to read.

marcia said...

That really is a crazy statistic. I can't believe that many wouldn't pick up a book again. One of my favorite things is reading. In fact I feel guilty doing it like I should be doing something else since reading is the best.