Friday, June 22, 2012

D & Me

Since we basically sold/gave away most things from our move, and as I've been searching the web for Daxton's birthday coming up. There are some things that have really caught my eye that i'm putting on a wish list, i thought it would be fun to share :)

A. Maxi, because i'm pregnant- need I say more
B. Beautiful blazer for the cooler days that hit
C. Cute wooden fish toy
D. Wellies because I didn't realize how much it would rain here in MA
E. Perfect summer bowls
F. Lacing toy to keep daxton busy at church :)
G. Adorable  wood cutting food thats fruit because Daxton loves his fruit.
H. wooden blocks for learning.
I. I know this stroller is outrageously expensive, but after seeing all it can do i'm in love. So if you know of a double stroller you love, let me know so i can get over this recent love of mine.

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