Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend recap

This last week was a killer with its heat and humidity, man i am so not use to this humidity. I now understand when people say, 'With humidity your just.... sticky.' How true it is. I am not one to sweat-(TMI-sorry) but over all the years of bragging of how I don't sweat, i have been scolded with this humidity. 
 so it was nice to spend sometime at the beach, and have thunderstorms that cooled things off. After talking with a true bostonian about the weather, he told us that weatherman just say that there are going to be thunderstorms because they can't predict if its just going to be thunderstorms, rain, or hail. Interesting. Well anyway, we had a good time in the downtown area- and was caught in the downpour of rain, or should I say thunderstorm, that came up  quite suddenly.

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