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Friday, July 20, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant

So I found this fun Q &A list from this blog and thought i'd take a gander at answering them as well...

How far along are you: 38ish weeks
Size of Baby: 6.8 pounds! Just found that out- pretty exciting!
Maternity Clothes: None. I've actually tried buying a couple things at the maternity shops but always wound up taking them back. I just make do with what i have.
Stretch Marks: *sigh* sadly yes on my tummy just above the belly button. Same place Daxton stretched me...
Weight gain/loss: Umm... if you really want to know you can email me.
Sleep: If I didn't have a 2 year old. It would be great. haha no i do have problems sleeping and can only fall asleep on my right side. Those old wise tales must be right- they say if your having a boy you sleep on your right side.
Best Moment of the week: Crazy or not, I do love the pains/stretching that I'm feeling down below if you know what i mean. I like to think it means I'm getting closer to the end.
Movement: He is a mover and a shaker just like his brother. I believe both Daxton and baby are just born with the music in them.
Symptoms: feet swelling sometimes, leg cramps, tiredness, constipation (TMI- sorry)
Food Carvings: Ice. Yes i know its not a food- but its the thing i always just crave
Gender: boy
Belly button in or out: Defiantly out. brandon likes to say i'm the turkey when its done the little button thing on the turkey pops out. Just like my belly button
Anything make you queazy or sick: Yes, the thought of stepping on unkept grass or dirty ground. SO weird, but it gives me the willies.
Labor signs: Yes.... maybe? i can't ever tell... i never want to get hopes up so I just think its my organs moving around.
Wedding ring on or off: Still on thankfully.
What I miss: Being able to work out real hard. And the ability to bend with ease.
What I am looking forward to: umm.. the new baby. And the reaction we are going to get from Daxton, can't wait to see what he does...
Nursery: Nothin. We are so in limbo stage and are still trying to find a more permanent place to live. Discomforting? why yes- but in all honesty i'm really not quite that worried till i really sit down and think about how we aren't very prepared for this new baby. its going to be quite the adventure.
Emotions: Awful, i should be ashamed to say that the other day when I was watching the Disney film "Tarzan" with Daxton. I cried. multiple times. and i was embarrassingly trying to wipe away my tears so D wouldn't see me. Its a mess.
Stupid things i have done: Oh everyday there is a list. i don't even know how i keep up with myself.
Name: Oh man, whats in name? Everything right? If i don't pick the right name for this boy we'll ruin his life forever. jeeze. We are terrible- we can not decided on a name and i'm just hoping that when this little guy comes the stork will also bring a name with him.

btw: thanks for all those entering the Giveaway! And for those that haven't, you better hurry your buns. :)

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