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Friday, July 13, 2012

J.P Morgan Run

Yesterday, me and the little one headed into the heart of Boston. 
Its always such a magical time for D because he just thinks the world of public transportation. Its so funny how excited he gets. Every time we round the bend and he sees a bus or train, he can not control himself and yells out "BUS! or TRAIN!!"
 So, its quite the adventure for him.

Once we were downtown we got to finally see the Misters office. Its always so different than you imagine, but it was really great to meet his colleagues and actually see where he sits.

Once the Mister finished work, we stepped outside and wondered to Bostone Pizza. It was actually really good, and just what we all needed. 

But the real reason to why we had come was to see Brandon run the J.P morgan race. 
Apparently it is huge and J.P Morgan does it all around the world. 
 Brandon isn't a runner, but he ran with his company (over a 100) and with the rest of the competitors (over 12,000). It was a fun event. 
And Brandon surprised himself at how well he did and beat the record- that he set for himself :)

 The face in the picture makes me giggle, as it looks just like a face his cousin would make
 Can you spy Brandon? I helped you out a bit
Running in action
Our List: 
Place: Boston
Activity: JP Morgan 5k
Strolls in Public Garden

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