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Monday, July 16, 2012

Potty trained and baby thoughts

We are all completely potty trained- a round of applause is appropriate for the the little one, but i just thought i'd make sure you knew me and Brandon were too...

As I've seen how fast Daxton is growing up and how fast he is learning it just blows my mind.
Everyday there is a new word, a new concept he understands and it just melts my heart every time.

There is also a small part of me, that when I think of the new baby coming, i get a twinge of sadness thinking that the time of just Daxton and me is coming to a close. 
Don't get my wrong, I am SO excited for this new baby to come and I know when i see that face that my love for this child will be exactly the same. 
However, it has just been the Mister, Daxton, and me for 2 years and the time that we've spent with him has been utterly priceless.
I am in love with my little guy and the love that fills each corner of the room due to his sweet personality. 

Yet, I know that when this new baby comes it will evolve into the same love. 
And i can't wait for it to be the three of us. (Even though so many like to chime in and say that its a lot different with two and that its a lot harder!) And yes, i have no idea what its going to be like, how hard it might be with two 
little ones running around, i've never taken care of 2 of my own. 
BUT i do remember when i was pregnant with Daxton and the ladies with wise years said, 
"your life is going to change forever, its going to be so hard, you better do a vacation now, or get as much sleep in as possible"
 as if this new baby was going to destroy my life.
and really? Why do those things need to be said? Why is it always a focus on the negative instead of what joy  comes with a new baby. In fact, now that I've got to spend 2 years with Daxton i now know of the joy that will come with a new baby. I do know how much love I'm going to have for this new baby as I've learned over the past 2 years with Daxton. And I can't wait for that to happen and have my love be 2 times as much. And like I said, I don't know what it will be like with two or the road bumps that we will encounter but I do know that we will figure it out- everything always work out and the hard times are so insignificant compared to the grand scheme of things and the joy that comes from raising a family. 


Fiona (Phebes) said...

Round of applause for Daxton!! Well done you two too :-) x

isleJane said...

Wise introspective words. Love your way of thinking, Shelby.
Congrats on Daxton being completely potty trained!
Take Care,