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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mayflower and Harvard with a splash

Continuation from our last post about Brandon's family coming to visit. We were so lucky to have them here with us and we really did have a blast. 
This post is going to have a picture overload but we took so many pictures this is nothing.
First off, Daxton wanted to show them his very favorite splash park so we couldn't miss that attraction: sowe splashed in the water, had leaf races in the stream and had contest of who could swing the highest. 
Next is Harvard University, such a historic and beautiful place so we got to visit there and see all the old artifacts. I think one of the best parts was Daxton chasing around a squirrel, around and around a tree. (I think the squirrel won, and if I get the video of it soon i'll have to post it because its pretty, stinkin funny)
And on another day we took them to Plymouth where we saw the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock and the plantation where they have reenacted the time when the Pilgrims came. 
And after having a baby and seeing the living conditions they had it made me so grateful for all those who sacrificed so much. 
These were all really cool places to go, 
so.... you should come visit here.

Our list:
Place- Belmont

Place: Plymouth
Activity: Plymouth Rock 
Mayflower Tour

Place: Harvard Campus
Activity: Harvard Tours

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Barbara said...

Awesome pictures. I love to see a family enjoying each other.