Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blueberry picking at Parlee farms

I have to say we are blueberry snobs now. 
How could you not be after picking fresh, juicy blueberries right off the vine? And now know how heavenly blueberries can be?
It was so hard not to eat every single blueberry that came off that vine and into my hands.
it was a good thing they had a conscious bucket at the registrar. {phew.}
Parlee farms was the perfect treat. They had blueberries (of course), farm animals, hay rides and apple cider donuts- so good!
After a fun day, we took some of our huge bucket of blueberries and distributed them to some of our friends. We knew that most anyone could appreciate fresh blueberries and besides we needed more blueberry snobs like ourselves. :)

Our List:
Place:  Parlee Farms
Activity: Pick your own...
Apple cidar donuts
Animal attractions -very good!

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