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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Motherhood by Melisa

So I asked my cute sister in law Melisa to send me a post about why she loves being a mother. And when I received her post it i was so excited to post it. Thanks Melisa for the cute post!

I love being a mom, I can’t imagine my life without them. Motherhood is wonderful and amazing. Amazing love, tears, fear, stress, and the purest form of the best JOY you could ever feel in this life. That joy makes up for the sleepless nights, tantrums in a crowded store, sassy talk, the messes that take 2 seconds to make and days to clean up and yes even being thrown up on and pooped on. They are pure love and Joy!

Dylan and Emy sure do say the darndest things they crack us up. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dylan: “Mom it smells like throw up in here…… are you cooking something”?

Dylan and Emy were eating Spaghetti and Emy said. "Yummy I love Baghetti." Dylan said, "Emy it doesn't start with a B it starts with a S, it's Spaghetti." Emy then said, "Dylan I'm a little girl I can still say Baghetti."

“We were at a pool in Nevada, when a man with shoulder length hair walked up, Dylan 3 years old said, Look Daddy it’s Jesus! “

Emy was in a public bathroom with me and a lady was in the next stall with not so stylish big black shoes on. She says quite loud, "mom is that a girl or a grandpa, I think it’s a grandpa."

Emy had her primary teachers talk about grandparents, not sure what they covered, but the next time she saw Bapa, she told him, “Bapa did you know your all over the internet!”

Emys bedtime prayer, 3 years old "Dear heavenly father please bless us to sleep good, bless daddy to go to work tomorrow, bless Dylan to go to school, and bless me and mommy can go to the mall, amen"

Then they turn 4 and they ask crazy questions and you realize how much you really don’t know.

Emy asked, “Mom do birds pee”? Oy Vey!

Love those little monkeys of mine!

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