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Monday, September 24, 2012

Date Night

This past weekend we went on a date. A DATE! I won't even tell you how long its been since its been just the two of us. Possibly longer than 5 months... or that we BOTH forgot a special date of ours... it starts with an A and ends with nniversary. ya. i know right?
So you can say we were long overdue for a night together and we didn't do much, but it was just so perfect being together. just the two of us.
We went to a new place we found called the Red Lentil. It was a vegetarian place- WHAT? are you vegetarian? no. we're not- however it was one of the best places we've ever been to.
And now its my favorite place. It was one of those restaurants where you had to take 5 minutes on each bite because of the blast of flavor in each bite. 
But once we returned home we were right back in the groove of busting up laughing at little D's craziness and loving our little Tayte.
And a big thanks to Carolyn and kip for making it possible for us to get out!

Our list:
Place- Watertown

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