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Thursday, September 27, 2012


1/2. We took a day trip to Maine with some friends and got to see Nubble lighthouse. One of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. It was pretty spectacular to see the lighthouse out on the lone island.
3/4 my little chubby bundle of joy. ps- give peas a chance hahaha
5. Meet Frank. I had to name him- he was a frank the living lobster who was thrown into boiling water (by the Mister) and became Frank our dinner lobster on our plate. needless to say we chocked him down.
6. My little farmer who just loves tractors, animals and lobsters.
7/8. staying in bed a little too long, just because the weather had turned a little too cold a little too fast.
9. A great surprise from my sister whose got some mad sewing skills. So excited for these beauties.
10. A stroller, a double stoller. Hooray hooray hooray. Now i won't be busting my little bum when I take my little ones around.
11. The last the best of all the game... until you see the photo below.

"insert caption for photos"

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