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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A proposal

So I have a proposal, and to be honest it is mostly a proposal to help my little bum get movin'.  I have a disease called I-think-of-way-cool-projects-in-my-head-but-I-never-can-seem-to-quite-complete-them. In other words, I am a procrastinator. This is why I've decided to use our blog as a self motivator, soo I'm really hoping this works.

The proposal: each week on Wednesday I will post a project/craft/anything I can say that I accomplished (this way I can still feel good about myself if I happen to fall short.  I'm ridiculous, I know) .. This will help me accomplish the projects that are sitting around my house.

 Our home is very minimalist right now and we have(or should I say I have) actually mastered the talent of  decorating unopened moving boxes. Amazing I know, but it's actually quite the rage in case you haven't heard. Okay, so there aren't That many unopened boxes- I should give myself the benefit of the doubt. But some of these so called boxes (like the ones I'm currently sitting on as I type away) have files in them waiting to go into a desk.  This desk just happens to be half painted/ half drawered.  I say half drawered because some drawers are outside, already painted, waiting for the rest of the desk to follow suit.)

Alas! Enough about how my load of projects are adding up!  I'm going to start doing them AND I want you to be a part of this goal of mine. I realized the other day that there is an overload of DIY blogs out there, which is awesome. 
WHY you may ask are there so many blogs out there? Because friends, we humans like to create- is this a new concept to you? Probably not. 
This overload of blogs with DIY crafts just proves that people, especially woman, like to create and feel proud of something they created. Not only this, but I heard from an interior designer that when you make something on your own you have actually added more you to your home .

SO with that said, I want to add something else to these posts....
 Along with my own post on Wednesday, I want you to share something YOU did. 

We're going to have a little link party where you can post your project on your  blog and then link it to my blog. 
I know there are crafters out there- you know who you are and you're going to join this link party whether you like it or not! JK I know there will maybe be only one person who will join the party, but at least we'll have fun together!
To you crafters or noncrafters hoping to be crafters reading this, if you are looking for a reason to join I also want to add that you will inspire me and others. In fact, I'm hoping to see your link just so I can gain inspiration from you and others will as well! SO let the partying begin! Here is a little something to show you what will be posted tomorrow.

the rage as of right now. 

The partying will start tomorrow!  Now that you have been warned go start you projects - on your mark, get set, go!


Cecilee said...

I love this idea!

machelleC said...

Great idea, love crafting :)

machelleC said...

Great idea, love crafting and I need that little motivation to. :)

machelleC said...

Great idea, love crafting :)