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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crate Bookshelf

So there is alot of crate crushing going around these days and I have fallen into the trap.
So with my crush I decided to make a bookshelf out of these beauties.

Here is how the story went:
I was in a desperate search for crates, and anything that looked like a crate would pull my hearts strings and when upon finding out it wasn't what i thought, i was quite saddened.
One glorious day I was taken a cruise and saw a whole truck load of crate on the side of the road.
I quickly made a U-turn and piled as many crates as I could in my car. 
What a sight it must have been, a car full of dirty crates. but i didn't care my heart was singing.
So with that said, here is how we created the shelving.

1. find crates. 2. Find a stain you like at the hardware store and began to lather the crates down with the stain. 3. build the crates how you would like them to sit on top of each other. Do this on the floor. 4. create brackets on the back and nail the crates together with scrape wood. 5. stand the shelving up and start to decorate.
This crate is one of my favorites. All the books contained in it, are books from my Grandpa. He was an English teacher and loved, loved poetry. These are just a few from his collection.

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