Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Sandy Halloween

Happy (early) Halloween. 
We most likely will be spending our Halloween indoors eating our own candy, thanks to the our new friend Sandy. 
We are lucky to have power as of right now, so i just thought I'd post our costumes from a couple of parties we had this weekend:
Amelia Earhart 
 The Red Baron
And the Wright Brothers

Apparently, we thought something was hilarious and Daxton wasn't gettin' it.
Thanks to our good friend Ellen for the pics!


Cecilee said...

Cute pics and awesome idea!! Love!! You are as creative as always :)

Anonymous said...

We lost power for a half hour, and the winds knocked half of the fence down in the yard. Considering the devastation the storm caused in other areas, I consider it a blessing. Really cute costumes! :)