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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rhode island

Oh its Monday, and its so hard to start the beginning of the week especially when we have to wait till the end of the week to see Dad again. We all know that having him around is much more fun and we all seem to be a little bit happier. 
However, we did get to enjoy Brandon and Rhode Island this last weekend as we went and saw the old mansion houses on the cliff walk, aaaand a polo match. It was so elegant and just like you would imagine, a british announcer and beautiful horses running around . We also got to fix the divots during halftime and watch daxton run around with his friends. We got some pretty hilarious video of Daxton and his friend run right into each other smack in the face and fall straight back. 
So stayed tuned for that video coming, we had a pretty good laugh and i'm sure you will too. 

 I caught this right before daxton face planted it- normal life of a 2 year old right?
Our list:
Rhode Island
Activity: Polo Match

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