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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Industrial Side Table

Here is our next project that we got finished this weekend.
We went to an antique sale and found this table, and when upon purchasing it we found out it is an old ceramics table(brandon already knew what it was- i however did not ha.) Nonetheless, I loved the industrial look and thought we could fix it up a little bit. 
So here is what we did to transform our ceramics table into an industrial side table.

So this is what it looked like... an old yucky yellow laminate on top.
We sanded the top to make scratches in the laminate so the wood glue could adhere easier to top.
 Next, we used scrap wood from a pile of pallets we found.
Next was the wood glue. 

And WA-LA 
 we love the old rustic look of wood- so we lightly sanded the edges. Just enough to make sure it still had a rustic-industrial look. And we are done!

 It now holds sit in the corner of our kitchen. 

I hope these projects are inspiring you as they are not easily replicated (because you don't come by an antique ceramics wheel everyday!).  But i know that when I see other projects done by people it helps me get inspired and use what I have to work with.
SO lets see your inspirations and let a party begin! :)

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