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Monday, December 3, 2012

Stills from the weekend

 I had a great time taking out an adorable family for picture taking this weekend. it was so cold, and there may have been slipping, a pulled hamstring and a falling baby (who was heroically caught)  involved, but so worth it for the beautiful snow in the pictures. 
 we also got our pictures taken by our amazing friend, Rachel . It was great to finally have pictures taken of all four of us and I couldn't be more excited for them.

 Daxton didn't want to be left out the picture taking so he grabbed the camera and snapped these of Brandon. future photographer on the way!
We had another a kind friend, Krista, invite a bunch of couples over for dinner and gingerbread making. I think Daxton had the most fun sitting out of sight from his parents stuffing all the chocolate chips he could into his mouth.

The rest of the pictures are from dinners, and around the house. 

These are just the snippets from our weekend. we hope you had a good one and are ready for this new week to start! Hoora! here we go. 

Our list:
food: Ixtapa

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