Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Ornaments

 Why is this season so full of joy and stress? 
Such an oxymoron.
Lately we've been trying real hard to get ready for the big day that Santa will appear. And its been so much fun but a little stress can be tagged on as well... :)
However, here is our little trees that we decided to go with this year and this is how we decorated them.
We used some scrap wood and the help of a toddler's artistic skills. We cut out the toddlers shapes on the scrap wood and created wood ornaments, and completed them with gold glitter on the sides. 
Our trees stand on top of an old crate, and brown paper packages at the base. 
To create a basically free wrapping, I used the brown paper found inside the boxes coming from our online purchases... works great.

Hey look! i created this cute bug as well. Best creation I made all year. 

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