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Monday, December 17, 2012

Stills from the Weekend

This post may seem all over the place as I post about different things, however, I feel the need to express the sorrow I have for the families in Connecticut. I have been so emotional every time the subject is brought up and i can not even comprehend what those families are going through who lost loved ones. 
I live for my family, they are what gets me through each day and to lose any of them would crumble my world. My heart and thoughts have been constantly thinking about the families in Connecticut, and i haven't been able to get through any day yet without shedding tears for the children who were lost. However, I saw this video of one of the fathers who lost his daughter in the shooting, and what a beautiful message he has. 
It helped remind me that there is still good, that even with all the hurt and evil  in the world there is still joy and we can find that joy in Christ's Love.
Please go watch it. 

With that said, here are some stills from this weekend. We took extra care to notice the beauty and love our babies just a little bit more. It got a little chilly in the city, but that just meant extra snuggling, from the already snuggling fest we were doing this weekend. 

We were walking through the commons and Brandon saw a man who was flying a kite. The kite lost wind and came down to the ground. 
Brandon's first reaction was to run over and help the man... It was so cute to watch as they tried over and over again to get that mermaid up in the air. 
CAUTION: {Mushy moment} Brandon is always on the look out for helping others, it is so sweet to watch and it just proves the love he has for people in general.

Also, this weekend I finished editing the photos from a family shoot I was lucky to capture. 
.Such a darling family.
 Here is just one picture and if you want you can see the rest of them here. 

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