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Monday, January 28, 2013

18 summers

I was told once, that we are only given 18 summers with our children before they are off on their own. At first, i didn't understand the significance of that statement. But i gave it more thought and remembered this last summer. and the summer before that. 

Remember how summers can disappear with the blink of an eye? Summers are what gets us through those difficult, cold first months and when it arrives we blissfully use each moment to explore.

And I only have 18 summers with my babies and 2 are already over with my first?

And then you go beyond just the summers and think how fast these days will go by when you get to hold, carry and snuggle your babies while they still allow it.

I am so thankful for this season. As busy as it is, as tiresome as it is. 
Or the sleepless nights that come with little ones.

I catch myself counting my blessings for these little boys i get to
 have and hold for this short season of life.

I am thankful for those 18 summers I will have and for the 
few short years I get to hold these babies so close.


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